New Single Available Now! “The Willful Suspension of Disbelief”

The Willful Suspension of Disbelief

The Locals 2014 Release “The Willful Suspension of Disbelief”

We’re really excited to announce the release of our brand new single “The Willful Suspension of Disbelief”. We’ll be heading back into the studio to do a full album in Jan 15 but here is a taste of new things to come!

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Review of Stereostatic Funicular on PopStache

Thanks to PopStache for the great write up on our new album “Stereostatic Funicular”… “The release blends pop with ’90s alternative rock as the strong guitar rhythms, syncopated drumming, and lead singer Yvonne Doll’s soaring vocals create a fun and somewhat nostalgic sound.”

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The Equal Ground gives Stereostatic Funicular 4 out of 5 stars

The Locals may not need much of an introduction. They have been touring the US for over ten years and have played the likes of Dewey Beach Pop Fest, Summerfest, Midwest Music Summit and many more. On top of that they recently released their sixth album called Stereostatic Funicular, which is an incredibly strong five-song album. It’s one of those albums you listen to and think to yourself how could someone not like this. The album offers a visceral experience, that has indie rock songs with enough of an edge to keep you intrigued but also contains enough bubble gum pop to keep you coming back for more. Perhaps what’s most impressive about this album is that the band is a three–piece and the songs sound absolutely huge (Some credit must go to Steven Gillis who produced the album).

The Locals are lead by Yvonne Doll who is the singer and songwriter of the band and who has in my opinion a near perfect female voice for indie rock. Her voice is powerful throughout and when she unleashes that power you know who is in charge. That being said when her voice isn’t being pushed it sounds warm and feminine. In the best way possible she sometimes reminded me of Ann Wilson from Heart. Christy Nunes is also a founding member and rocks out on the bass while the newest member Tommy Oedering is a ridiculously good drummer.

The album starts off solid with “3 Inches From the Floor.” It begins with the band playing together on a warm wave of sound for Doll to sing over. The verse is catchy but the chorus explodes when Doll sings “Come on, Come on;” gritty guitars, great hooks and exceptional production – not a bad way to start off the album. They don’t let up with the second song “Running Toward the Sound” and I have to hand it to Oedering for some impressive drumming. The guy is like a metronome but he can grove. There were no duds on this album but I think “Inventio” was the highlight. The song kicks off with a great dynamic between the bass and drums. The drums sound mechanical as the bass provides a bass line I could imagine Kim Deal of the Pixies playing.

The band delivers five rocking songs on Stereostatic Funicular. So stop hesitating and pick it up. If you want to check out these guys who live in Chicago while supporting a great cause come check them out at Schubas on the December 13th

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SheWired: Broad Sheet (Looky who is #1)

Thanks to the folks at SheWired Magazine for including us in their most recent “Broad” Sheet (all puns intended). Looks like we can cancel those twerking lessons…
. Music: The Locals’ Stereostatic Funicular

“It’s hard not to fall for Yvonne Doll, the sexy, in-your-face badass lead singer/guitarist, and aggressively sexy bass player Christy Nunes, of The Locals, a three-member, guitar-heavy alt-pop rock band from Chicago. Doll and Nunes are a couple, and their off-stage intensity comes across on-stage, too. Their alt-rock cred is cemented with their newest album, Stereostatic Funicular, their sixth album and a worthy follow up to their breakthrough, 2010’s Salt…” read the whole write up
—Diane Anderson-Minshall

Go on an all carb diet (and go see Workout Music at The Metro)

See Workout Music with The Locals 11/15/13 at The Metro (Chicago)

See Workout Music with The Locals 11/15/13 at The Metro (Chicago)

Forget fad diets, load up with carbs and switch to an all “Workout Music” diet. Chicago’s Workout Music is also very good for your heart…:) We sat down with the guys for this in-depth, tell all interview.

We are very pleased to be playing with Workout Music, Fri 11/15/13 at The Metro (presented by Shoeshine Boy Productions).

An interview with Workout Music

The Locals: On average home many calories can one expect to burn at a “Workout Music” show? And have you ever pulled a “hammy” on stage?

WM – oh id say at least 100+ but that depends on alcohol consumption. No strained hammy’s but def a sore neck from head banging.

The Locals: Billy, you play CCP Drums, do they have a lingering “Tommy Oerding” essence to them? If so is it more of a musk or a perfume???

WM – you can def feel his presence in the kit. OH is that what the smell is? It all makes sense now.

The Locals: Of all of you guys, who is most likely to have a secret stash of Saved by the Bell DVD’s?

WM – – Scott, def scott.

The Locals: Where is your favorite place to see live music in Chicago?

WM – – – We would have to say The Double Door. Always a good time and great folks.

The Locals: What’s next on the agenda for you guys? Touring? Recording? Pilates? Zumba?

WM – – – Haha probably one more show after Metro then hit the studio in Jan. We will be starting to do some weekend college tours as well.

The Locals Where can people check you out online?

WM – – We tend to use our Facebook the most, we also have a twitter and and instagram that we are on quite often.

Album Review: Radio One Chicago : StereoStatic Funicular

Posted by WLUW 88.7 (Radioone Blog).

The newest EP by veteran indie rock/alt-pop band The Locals, produced by Steve Gillis at Chicago’s Transient Sound, is the curiously titled Stereostatic Funicular. According to the group’s PR, the title was inspired by a trip to Spain, specifically by the “stereostatic” chain models that Anton Gaudi created to calculate the height/width of each column of the Sagrada Famila and “Funiculars,” trams that whisk riders up to the tops of high mountains.

Stereostatic Funicular opens with “Running Toward the Sound,” a jangly throwback to the polished guitar rock of the 90s (think Belly and Juliana Hatfield), and “3 ” From the Floor,” which positively buzzes with sexy vocals, sinister bass, powerful drumming and one hell of a hook.

“Inventio” dips even deeper into the modern rock well, referencing Berlin and Missing Persons, although Gillis’ production is contemporary and the track will certainly appeal to fans of The Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Metric. Penultimate track “Commerce” is just plain pretty in its lead-up to crunchy, guitar-driven power pop, while closer “Bellissimo” features backing vocals by Jason Narducy of Verbow and Bob Mould fame.

The Locals show a real knack for songwriting on Stereostatic Funicular that, when paired with the assured production and range of influences, results in something truly postmodern: something old, something new, something special.

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