Go on an all carb diet (and go see Workout Music at The Metro)

See Workout Music with The Locals 11/15/13 at The Metro (Chicago)

See Workout Music with The Locals 11/15/13 at The Metro (Chicago)

Forget fad diets, load up with carbs and switch to an all “Workout Music” diet. Chicago’s Workout Music is also very good for your heart…:) We sat down with the guys for this in-depth, tell all interview.

We are very pleased to be playing with Workout Music, Fri 11/15/13 at The Metro (presented by Shoeshine Boy Productions).

An interview with Workout Music

The Locals: On average home many calories can one expect to burn at a “Workout Music” show? And have you ever pulled a “hammy” on stage?

WM – oh id say at least 100+ but that depends on alcohol consumption. No strained hammy’s but def a sore neck from head banging.

The Locals: Billy, you play CCP Drums, do they have a lingering “Tommy Oerding” essence to them? If so is it more of a musk or a perfume???

WM – you can def feel his presence in the kit. OH is that what the smell is? It all makes sense now.

The Locals: Of all of you guys, who is most likely to have a secret stash of Saved by the Bell DVD’s?

WM – – Scott, def scott.

The Locals: Where is your favorite place to see live music in Chicago?

WM – – – We would have to say The Double Door. Always a good time and great folks.

The Locals: What’s next on the agenda for you guys? Touring? Recording? Pilates? Zumba?

WM – – – Haha probably one more show after Metro then hit the studio in Jan. We will be starting to do some weekend college tours as well.

The Locals Where can people check you out online?

WM – – We tend to use our Facebook the most, we also have a twitter and and instagram that we are on quite often.

Jersey, Guitars and Leah Druzinsky

Catch Leah Druzinsky live with The Locals at Metro 11/15/13

Catch Leah Druzinsky live with The Locals at Metro 11/15/13

The Locals: Some of your music was featured on Jersey Shore & Snookie and JWow. If you were on a hidden camera show, would we mostly like find you at the: Gym? Tanning Salon, or doing laundry?

Leah Druzinsky: If I only had those three choices I’d go with at the gym because that would make me feel more badass. But I’m assuming those were just examples and I’m supposed to tell the truth… Probably hanging out with the dog or family or friends relaxing. Or writing some songs. Nothin too fancy!

The Locals: This one is for the gear heads: What kind of guitars do you play/own?

Leah Druzinsky:My two babies: Martin and Taylor. Martin I only use for writing and unplugged shows so you won’t see her a lot but she’s a gem. The Taylor is a 426ce-LTD and Martin is a 000X1 Auditorium Solid Spruce Top.

The Locals: As a songwriter, sometimes you hear a song and you’re like “Man, that is awesome I wish I had wrote that”. What song is that for you?

Leah Druzinsky:That is a toughy. That happens to me daily. If I had to pick one off the top of my head? Ah… still hard. Okay my first instinct is to say “I Shall Be Released” I love the Jeff Buckley version- deeply.

The Locals: How many 1/2 finished tunes do you have going at the moment? And how do you go about naming your songs? (ours tend to be named “new song” for months till something jumps out at us)

Leah Druzinsky:I can’t count how many half songs I have going. Probably close to 15. However it might be interesting to know that most of my half songs actually aren’t the ones I end up playing. Most of the songs that I write just kind either happen or don’t happen…. I don’t really go back that often. A lot of my songs just flow and become a song and the others are just verses that I don’t often go back to. If I do go back to it…. it takes at LEAST half a year to go back to the verse and say “hey, i’m gonna see if i can work with this!” Naming the song… eek… Sometimes I’ll take the most “powerful” line in the song, otherwise I’ll take the most prominent line in it so that people don’t end up calling the song a different name than I named it… which happens.. But I don’t usually spend a lot of time on the names of songs, recently I have just been naming them the “obvious” name..

The Locals: If you could write a theme song for any TV show what would it be?

Leah Druzinsky:Would’ve been sweet to write the theme for like Homeland or some really badass show. I love the show Orange Is The New Black and Regina Spektor has a pretty sweet theme song for that. Just a badass show. HBO? Showtime? Netflix? I’m waiting for that phonecall 😉

The Locals: Where can folks check you out online?

Leah Druzinsky:I update Facebook all the time. So facebook-fan me if you like my music! www.facebook.com/leahdmusic . I also have a website www.leahdruzinsky.com. Those are the best places to find me, you can follow me on twitter as well- @leahdruzi

An interview with Rory Tyer Band

See Rory Tyer Band with The Locals at The Metro

See Rory Tyer Band with The Locals at The Metro

The Shoeshine Boy Productions show on 11/15/13 at The Metro is going to be a monster line up. We sat down with the fine young men of Rory Tyer Band to find out what makes them tick.

The Locals:Do you have any previous band name iterations? Rory Tyer Experience? Rory Tyer Orchestra? Rory Tyer Face Melting Society?
RTB: In high school I had a band called “Bank Zero” but one time it was announced as “Zero Bank” and after that I was like, I guess I should just use my real name since I write most of the songs, and that started in college. And then I just saw a show poster that says “Rory Tyler Band,” and Tyler is not my last name. So apparently that decision worked out real well.

The Locals: Let’s meet the band members, give us your names, what instrument you play, and where do you stand – are you “ice cream” or “gelato”
RTB: Danny – bass / ice cream.
Dave V. – guitar and keys / ice cream. Brian – bass / ice cream.
Dave B. – drums / ice cream. Basically we all love ice cream? Danny, Dave V., and Brian all also sing.
And I’m Rory, I play guitar and piano, and I choose ice cream.

The Locals: (there goes that life size, sculpture made of gelato, of RTB we were going to present to the band after the show)

The Locals:What is your favorite live show memory ever?
RTB: From a show I watched: during Vampire Weekend’s set at Lolla 2013, a huge guy ran shirtless across the stage and was tackled by an equally huge stagehand. The look on Chris Baio’s (bassist) face was priceless, and also they kept playing like champs. From a show I played: someone came up and asked me: “Where do you go?” I looked confused and they said, “I mean, like, where do you go when you play music? Because you’re clearly somewhere else, and it’s awesome.” Really neat to have someone say something like that to me.

The Locals: If you could collaborate on a tune with any artist living or dead, who would that be?
RTB: I’d like to write and record a concept album with Andrew Bird that tells a fantasy story about a very small child waging–and winning– a war against the monsters in her closet & under her bed.

The Locals: Where can people find out more about you online?
RTB: Find our music and media at rorytyerband.com; follow us at twitter.com/rorytyerband and facebook.com/rorytyerband for updates!

Q&A with Lights Alive

Lights Alive

Lights Alive

If you’ve ever had that sinking feeling that street lights are winking at you, it’s probably Lights Alive performing their brand of punk-pop somewhere in the naked city (we prefer our cities naked, don’t you?)

The Locals: What’s the story behind your band name?
Lights Alive: We wanted a name to match our sound, and that one came up after several rounds of “what words don’t sound terrible together?” The name sounds better if you do jazz hands while saying it.
The Locals: we’re fact checking this as we speak, any excuse to use jazz hands

The Locals: We see you have a single up on bandcamp? Any plans for a full album?
Lights Alive:Yes! We are putting the finishing touches on our ep, to be released soon…

The Locals: If you could have one guest musician jam with you on stage who would that be?
Lights Alive:It would be different for each of us. For me, it would be Amanda Palmer on the ukulele, for Adam I would guess Tom DeLonge (from Blink182) on guitar, and for Dave…hmmm….Meatloaf on kazoo?

The Locals: Devon, we heard you had food poisoning when we all played together at the Double Door. Thanks for not vomiting on stage. That’s not a question. We just appreciate it (no good show STARTS with vomit) Thanks!

Lights Alive: Yeah, it sucked but a little adrenaline and a dose of Pepto helped me through it. I was still sick for 2 days after that. I’ll never look at salmon the same way again.

The Locals: What’s next on the agenda for you guys? Tours? Recording? Sky Diving?
Lights Alive:There are always a million things on our agenda, all of those things you mentioned are included. We’ve never been good at sticking to a business plan, so whatever thing one of us is gung-ho about the time will usually happen! Right now it’s releasing the EP and prepping for a music video shoot in the fall.

The Locals: Where can people check you out online?
Lights Alive: www.lightsalive.bandcamp.com
www.soundcloud.com/lightsalive (some cool covers we did are on there),
and for pretty pictures of us, you can go to www.facebook.com/lightsalive.
To see all of my awesomely witty, grammatically correct tweets, www.twitter.com/lights_alive

An interview with: MER

See MER with The Locals at The Metro (Chicago) 11/15/13

See MER with The Locals at The Metro (Chicago) 11/15/13

We’re very excited to be playing The Metro, Friday 11/15/13 with “MER”. This is their story (and they are sticking to it)


MER: My first name is Edmer. Went by Ed up until college. Needed a stage name, so I took on the back half of my name. Not that “Hollywood” of a story, but it’s the truth.


MER: Tough to say. The music has taken on a few different identities over the past 10 years. I just hope people think it’s “good” and doesn’t “suck”.


MER: Dropping out of college and playing 200 shows a year.


MER: Chicago Theater


MER: Just released two new singles produced by Sean O’Keefe [Fall Out Boy, Plain White T’s]. Back in the studio tracking new songs.

10/5 – Seattle
10/6 – Seattle
10/12 – Los Angeles
10/15 – Chicago Ideas Week
10/17 – Chicago Ideas Week
11/15 – METRO


MER: Foo Fighters

What is a Hemmingbird? (An interview with Hemmingbirds)


We had the good fortune to have Chicago indie rock band Hemmingbirds on the bill with us for our release party at Double Door (8/30/13). We sat down with them to get to the bottom of some burning questions..

The Locals: What exactly is a “hemmingbird” (We all brought some pants that were too long to our show together at The Double Door and was a little bummed you guys didnt tailor them for us)

YSK: You’d think I’d know the answer to this, but I really have nothing straight for you.

YSK:Jesse Menendez from Vocalo probably described it best as a “literary aviary.” So yeah, think an intellectual bird that reads classics during the day and hunts small animals during the night.
MM: If you can imagine the severed head of Ernest Hemingway being sewn onto the body of a hummingbird you’re halfway there. Or maybe its a Human Centipede situation – a hummingbird’s beak sewn to Hemingway’s ass?

The Locals:What’s your favorite live show memory?

YSK: My favorite live show memory was probably our recent gig at Taste of Chicago. It was hands down our biggest show on the biggest stage for the biggest crowd. After our set, we told people to come by the merch table as usual, and we were flocked with people who wanted photos, autographs, t-shirts, and CDs. It was insanely surreal.

MM: For me it was signing a bunch of CDs for people who caught our set at The Taste of Chicago. Not to say that like it felt good to pretend to be big-time or something, but its nice to be reminded that you’re doing something, you’re creating art that people like and appreciate and find some enjoyment in and that’s very rewarding.

The Locals: Who was your favorite Local (please don’t let the fact that Yvonne writes this part of the blog and is in TOTAL control of how you come off here)

YSK: Who WAS my favorite Local? I guess Yvonne was my favorite Local, but she’s changed, man. But no seriously. I think Yvonne’s cool. She rocks hard and I respect how long she’s been at it.

MM: How do I choose!?!? I feel obligated, as a bassist, to show some love for Christy. Plus she’s got a pretty slick bass if I do say so myself.

The Locals: Where is your favorite place to see live music in Chicago and what’s the last show you saw there?

YSK: My favorite place to see live music is Lincoln Hall. First of all, it sounds fantastic. Plus, it’s super clean, drinks and food are good, and location is awesome. And the staff is super, super nice. Those Schubas brothers really can’t do anything wrong.
Unfortunately, I don’t go out there too often. Last show was the one we played with Buke & Gase in February. They killed it. Such a good band.

MM: I really like Lincoln Hall. They have great sound and it’s easy to find a good vantage point to watch a show there.

The Locals: What’s next on the agenda for you guys? Tours? Recording? Ice fishing?

YSK: We’re going to tour a bit more then probably bundle up for the winter to start writing and recording our next record. Ice fishing would be badass, but probably a bad idea for 5 dudes to crowd over a hole in the ice. Talk about a chilling end to the story of this band.

MM: We’re starting to work on some new tunes a little bit, but I think we’re really focusing on playing bigger shows and pushing The Vines of Age still. And we’ve got a “My Love, Our Time Is Now” music video being released soon!

The Locals: Where can people check you out online?

Check us out at:

Hemmingbirds.com – official site

Party on.

An interview with Chicago band, Lying Delilah

Lying Delilah

Lying Delilah

The Locals are excited to be back at one of their favorite Chicago venues, Martyrs (5/15/09 @ 3855 n Lincoln, Chicago IL). We’re playing with a couple of great bands, Lying Delilah, Buglette, and Five Foot Nine. We sat down with Lying Delilah to get to the truth on:

6 Very Important Questions for Chicago progressive rock band, Lying Delilah

(because 5 is too few and 7 is way too many)

1) How would you describe your music to a yetti who’s been living alone in a phone booth for the last 5 years, 10 cents short of enough to make a call, living entirely on spam and coco puffs?

Lying Delilah:Hello fellow phone booth dweller!
We are a trio. A handsome trio, made up of piano/vocals, bass, and drums. Sometimes when our drummer plays, we think his hands are going to explode. We are mix of rock/pop/jazz/circus music/broadway….all topped off with some sultry vocals.

2) Do you like Coco Puffs?

Lying Delilah:Find me someone who DOES NOT love Coco Puffs.

3) Are you lying right now? I mean you are Lying Delilah, so are we to not believe anything you’ve said so far?

Lying Delilah:-I would be lying if I said we were not the most awesomest band in the land.
I would also be lying if I told you Rock Of Love Bus was NOT our favorite show on television.

4) We’re also playing with a band called 5ft 9 on May 15th, if you stacked all the members of Lying Delilah vertically on top of one another how tall would you be?

Lying Delilah:-15’1

5) Best show you’ve ever played and why?

Lying Delilah:-Independent Music World Series @ The Elbo room last October. It was rockin’ and people were singing along to our songs and pumping the rock fist up in the air at us.

6) Our mascot, Danger Boy is quite the little fibber himself, are there any support groups for small, plastic, pathological liers that you can recommend?

Lying Delilah:-Sorry…we only know of Kleptomaniac support groups. Good luck to Danger Boy and God Speed.

See The Locals with Lying Delilah Friday, 5/15/09 @ Martyrs (3855 n Lincoln, Chicago IL)


A conversation with The Cliks

We’re really excited to be opening for The Cliks on 4.9.09 at Subterranean in Chicago. We sat down with The Cliks (well virtually, via email, but I was sitting the whole time, I promise) to get you guys the inside scoop

The Locals: Jen mentioned in a recent myspace blog dressing as the “Jumbo Video Elephant” mascot. Our bass player Christy was formerly the mascot at Chuckie Cheese, Do you think female bass players have some odd perpensity for large animal costumes?cliks_quote1

And how do you think this will influence rock and roll in the near future? Any chance you will be wearing this costume at the show?

JEN :hmmm that is an interesting question, bass players do tend to have interesting qualities, you may be on to something.  As for the influence on rock n’ roll and performing live as the j v elephant – can we say new generation twist on gwar??? 

The Locals: You have a new cd coming out, “Dirty King”, any good studio stories to share?

LUCAS:Yeah, I guess one great story is how some of the recording was done. We were in a little town called Weed, in northern California. If that’s not enough of a story, on “Emily”, Morgan stood on main street late at night with Sylvia and a n engineer and they broke glass in the street to create as real of a sound as they could.

The Locals: Who was the most interesting person you met on the True Colors tour?

LUCAS: There were so many that it’s really hard to pick just one. I have to say Debbie Harry was a really interesting person, and without a doubt Cyndi is just amazing. 

The Locals: What has ben your all time favorite show and why?

LUCAS: I think the band would agree with me when I say a show we did in Columbus, Ohio for the local radio station there CD 101. It was a amazing because we had no idea how well people knew us and we get off stage to do our thing, sell merch, meet fans, sign autographs and we were so swamped that we had to get our road manager and label rep to help us because we couldn’t keep up with demand. It was also amazing because the audience was so diverse and that is really the goal for any artist. 

The Locals: Who’s in charge of the ipod/radio in the tour van and what’s the worst guilty pleasure music choice one of you have forced on the others?

LUCAS: that depends who’s driving. Typically if Jen is driving though, there is something about the radio waves that know it’s her and we end up listening to the best mix of 80’s metal/hair bands you have ever heard.


An Interview with The Moves (CD Release 12/5/08)

So we’re doing this gig on 12/5/08 at The Elbo Room and it just so happens a snappy, sassy band called “The Moves” is having their cd release party that night. We decided it’s best to get to know these “Moves” and find out just how good of “Moves” we are talking about. (You know, so Kirk can be practicing the right routine for this show. I mean we don’t wanna look like no hay-seeds!).

Here is what we found out about “The Moves”

The Moves CD Release 12/5/08 Elbo roomQ1: So Moves, (can I call you just Moves?) Dec 5th is your cd release? What’s the name of the disc and is it your first, second, 9th release?

You can call us whatever you like there Suzie *wink*. The name of our disk is “One Two Three Four” and it is our first professionally recorded EP. 4 songs, all rock.

Q2: How would you describe your music to a yetti who’s been living alone on a mountain with only spam and cashews to eat for the last 5 years?

We weren’t aware of such a yetti-heavy fanbase in Chicago, but here goes: We are a 3-piece pop band who call to mind early INXS and U2 as well as newer 3-piece punk bands like Jawbreaker and Green Day. We use electronic instrumentation (strings, synths) to beef up our sound.

Q3: “The Moves” that is a bold band name. How good are these moves you have and can The Locals fans expect some “wicked fly moves” at your show. Follow up question, and of all the people with “great moves” who would you say has most inspired your moves?

Our moves are the best you’ve ever seen. They are so good they could send a million yettis into a frenzy of cashew and spam binging. Most of all, we are inspired by all the nameless, hardworking yettis whose spam is rotten and cashews are stale. Keep on keepin’ on yetti bretheren!

Visit The Moves Myspace »


An interview with Danger Boy

Ok DB has been getting his little plastic undies in a bunch because we’re doing all these interviews with other bands on the bill but never with him (what a diva!). So here it is, everything you’ve always wanted to know about Danger Boy.

1. What’s in the backseat of your car right now?
A couple of naked Barbie Dolls, a GI Joe and a pack of cigarettes.

2.What was the last thing you threw up?
My little plastic hands when the freak on “Deal or No Deal” said “no deal” after being offered $100k to stop being stupid.

3. What’s your favorite curse word?


4. Menthol or regular cigarettes?
I don’t smoke them, I just roll them up in my little plastic sleeve. I’m auditioning for “You’re the one that I want”

5. What’s your favorite episode of Grey’s Anatomy?
never saw it.. ditto.

6. does anyone have blackmail on me?
doesnt everyone have blackmail on me?

7. If you could marry any celebrity today who would it be?
She-ra Princess of Power, or one of those Olsen twins.

8. When was the last time you watched T.V.?
last night. qvc, bought assorted chocolates from spain

9. Is there anything pink within 10 feet of you?
try 30 feet.

10. Are you wearing socks right now?

11. What was the last thing you had to drink?
my own spit.

12. What are you wearing right now?
what i always wear…a mask, a cape, little tights, a red spandex shirt and boots.

13. Last food you ate?
cheese food.

14. Have you bought any clothing items in the last week?
no. someone did add a bitchin sticker to my cape at the last locals show though.

15. When is the last time you ran?
danger boy doesnt run, he flies.

16. What’s the last sporting event you watched?
full contact chess, on the full contact chess channel

17. Last movie you saw?
little miss sunshine- awesome

18. Who is the last person you sent a message to on myspace?

19. Ever go to camp?
band camp, this one time…

20. Do you like sushi?

Are you in a band?
I am the 4th member of The Locals. I do not sing or play an instrument, nor am I used as an instrument. Can you guess my role?

22. How old do you want to be when you have kids?
I am a kid.

23. Have you ever drank your soda from a straw?
No I only drink Tequilla, but I do drink it from a sippy cup, does that count?

24. What is your name?
Danger Boy!!

25. Are you someone’s best friend?
no, still looking.

26. Where is your bf/gf right now?
DB flies solo.

27. What was the last thing you said?

“DB flies solo”. I say everything I type outloud.

28. What kind of watch do you have on?
None. Because I so regularly break the space time continuum, there seems little point.

29. What do you think of when you think of Australia?
Tristan Rogers from General Hospital.

30. Ever ridden on a roller coaster?

31. Do you have a favorite Gemstone?
I rarely wear any sort of gems. They slow me down when flying.

32. Do you go inside or thru the drive threw at fast food places?
I do fit there yes.

33. Do you have a roommate?
No. I used to live with my brother, but we had to trade him to the kidnappers for my release.. long story.

34. What is your favorite number?
Nine is awesome.

35. Do you have a dog?
Dog’s try and eat me. Do you think I’m crazy?

36. What happened in 1993?
Hair was bad, but better than in 1983.

37. Does your first memory involve your dad?
My father, John Stamos, had no idea he was my father until like 2002. We’ve never spoken. So no, and thanks for bringing it up.

38. Biggest annoyance in your life right now?
My belt is breaking. The glue is coming off.

39. Do you like watching a bonfire?
I like starting bonfires.

40. Are you allergic to anything?

41. Favorite shoes that you wear all the time?


42. What have you learned from life?
pears and cheese go good together. wine is nice too.

43. Are you jealous of anyone?
spiderman. he has a great outfit and can kiss upside down. i cant kiss with a head rush. no way.

44. Is anyone jealous of you?

everyone is.

45. Do you hate anyone?
No. Danger Boy is all about the LOVE

46. Do any of your friends have children?

47. Do you ever take medication to fall asleep?
no. but i do take “medication” for my glaucoma…;)

48. What CD is in your CD player?
Dropmore Scarlet

49. Do you own any band t-shirts?
yes, i own them, but they are always too big for me to wear. so i make socks out of them. i have shit load of socks. do you have any idea how many socks i can get out of one human size tshirt. it’s astounding. especially when you consider that i never wear socks, but i hate to waste so there you go.

50. Do you do your own dishes?
no. i rent them.

51. Would you date anyone covered in tattoos?
of course

52. How old do you want to be when you get married?
92 1/2

54. How did you get one of your scars?
breaking up a fight between drew barrymore and al roker.

55. What was the last thing you purchased?

56. Is there anybody that wants to do you?
Is there anybody who DOESNT want to do me?