Kristen Kakatsch

Who is Kristen Kakatsch, you ask? She is 1/2 of the songwriting force behind one of our favorite bands, Milwaukee’s own Dropmore Scarlet, a killer guitarist, the type of pal who is willing to help you polish off a bottle of Sailor Jerry rum in a night, and all around one of our most favorite people on this planet. That being said, its only natural we would ask her, hound her and harrass her to be a part of our album. She was hanging around one of our band practices last winter and jumped in on guitar while we were playing “Tidal Wave”, and from then on, we knew we had to get her to play her part on the album. She came in one session and knocked it out in 3 takes. Thanks, Kristen, we love you.

To learn more about Kristen and Dropmore Scarlet, visit www.dropmorescarlet.com.


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