Go on an all carb diet (and go see Workout Music at The Metro)

See Workout Music with The Locals 11/15/13 at The Metro (Chicago)

See Workout Music with The Locals 11/15/13 at The Metro (Chicago)

Forget fad diets, load up with carbs and switch to an all “Workout Music” diet. Chicago’s Workout Music is also very good for your heart…:) We sat down with the guys for this in-depth, tell all interview.

We are very pleased to be playing with Workout Music, Fri 11/15/13 at The Metro (presented by Shoeshine Boy Productions).

An interview with Workout Music

The Locals: On average home many calories can one expect to burn at a “Workout Music” show? And have you ever pulled a “hammy” on stage?

WM – oh id say at least 100+ but that depends on alcohol consumption. No strained hammy’s but def a sore neck from head banging.

The Locals: Billy, you play CCP Drums, do they have a lingering “Tommy Oerding” essence to them? If so is it more of a musk or a perfume???

WM – you can def feel his presence in the kit. OH is that what the smell is? It all makes sense now.

The Locals: Of all of you guys, who is most likely to have a secret stash of Saved by the Bell DVD’s?

WM – – Scott, def scott.

The Locals: Where is your favorite place to see live music in Chicago?

WM – – – We would have to say The Double Door. Always a good time and great folks.

The Locals: What’s next on the agenda for you guys? Touring? Recording? Pilates? Zumba?

WM – – – Haha probably one more show after Metro then hit the studio in Jan. We will be starting to do some weekend college tours as well.

The Locals Where can people check you out online?

WM – – We tend to use our Facebook the most, we also have a twitter and and instagram that we are on quite often.