SheWired: Broad Sheet (Looky who is #1)

Thanks to the folks at SheWired Magazine for including us in their most recent “Broad” Sheet (all puns intended). Looks like we can cancel those twerking lessons…
. Music: The Locals’ Stereostatic Funicular

“It’s hard not to fall for Yvonne Doll, the sexy, in-your-face badass lead singer/guitarist, and aggressively sexy bass player Christy Nunes, of The Locals, a three-member, guitar-heavy alt-pop rock band from Chicago. Doll and Nunes are a couple, and their off-stage intensity comes across on-stage, too. Their alt-rock cred is cemented with their newest album, Stereostatic Funicular, their sixth album and a worthy follow up to their breakthrough, 2010’s Salt…” read the whole write up
—Diane Anderson-Minshall