The Equal Ground gives Stereostatic Funicular 4 out of 5 stars

The Locals may not need much of an introduction. They have been touring the US for over ten years and have played the likes of Dewey Beach Pop Fest, Summerfest, Midwest Music Summit and many more. On top of that they recently released their sixth album called Stereostatic Funicular, which is an incredibly strong five-song album. It’s one of those albums you listen to and think to yourself how could someone not like this. The album offers a visceral experience, that has indie rock songs with enough of an edge to keep you intrigued but also contains enough bubble gum pop to keep you coming back for more. Perhaps what’s most impressive about this album is that the band is a three–piece and the songs sound absolutely huge (Some credit must go to Steven Gillis who produced the album).

The Locals are lead by Yvonne Doll who is the singer and songwriter of the band and who has in my opinion a near perfect female voice for indie rock. Her voice is powerful throughout and when she unleashes that power you know who is in charge. That being said when her voice isn’t being pushed it sounds warm and feminine. In the best way possible she sometimes reminded me of Ann Wilson from Heart. Christy Nunes is also a founding member and rocks out on the bass while the newest member Tommy Oedering is a ridiculously good drummer.

The album starts off solid with “3 Inches From the Floor.” It begins with the band playing together on a warm wave of sound for Doll to sing over. The verse is catchy but the chorus explodes when Doll sings “Come on, Come on;” gritty guitars, great hooks and exceptional production – not a bad way to start off the album. They don’t let up with the second song “Running Toward the Sound” and I have to hand it to Oedering for some impressive drumming. The guy is like a metronome but he can grove. There were no duds on this album but I think “Inventio” was the highlight. The song kicks off with a great dynamic between the bass and drums. The drums sound mechanical as the bass provides a bass line I could imagine Kim Deal of the Pixies playing.

The band delivers five rocking songs on Stereostatic Funicular. So stop hesitating and pick it up. If you want to check out these guys who live in Chicago while supporting a great cause come check them out at Schubas on the December 13th

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